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TechniQuest Corporation (TQC) is a professional engineering consulting and construction inspection firm founded in 1995.  TQC provides engineering services to public and private sector clients in the New York/New Jersey region. TQC serves public sector clients in prime and subconsultant capacity. Public Sector clients include NJTA, NJDOT, NJT, NJTPA, DVRPC, DRPA, DRJTBC, NYCDOT, NYSDOT, MTA and PANYNJ Projects. TechniQuest Corporation is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Emerging Small Business Enterprise (ESBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

TechniQuest is strategically headquartered in Central New Jersey while maintaining offices in New York City and Pennsylvania to support our clients. TechniQuest takes pride in serving our clients regionally with exceptional service. This commitment to quality is demonstrated in our business, as more than 97% percent of work is repeat business from existing clients and we take a pride in providing an excellent service throughout the region and collaborated with many Consultants.

TechniQuest specializes in Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering, GIS, Traffic Data Collection & Analysis, Construction Inspection Services. TechniQuest has successfully provided services in the following areas:

Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering:

  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Traffic Operational Analysis
  • Transportation Planning and Network Modeling
  • Traffic Signal Design / Optimization
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  • Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Construction Design Plans, Specifications and Estimates

GIS Services:

  • Field Inventory including Digital Aerial Photography with GPS Coordinates, NJ SLD and DMI Unit
  • Utilization of Arch Mapping software for managing the data
  • Mapping and coding of the field data
  • Feature Extraction of Signs, Linear Features and Point Features

Traffic Data Collection Services:

  • Video Counts
  • Pedestrian Counts
  • Automatic Traffic Recording (ATR), Turning Movement Counts (TMC) and Pedestrian Counts
  • Parking Survey & Vehicle Occupancy Count, Classification Counts and Gap Counts
  • Origin & Destination Survey and Speed & Delay Counts
  • Field Inventory (Geometric, Signal Timings, Parking Inventory)
  • Data Reduction, Network Balancing and Graphics Generation

Construction Inspection:

  • Provide on-site certified inspectors for all type of construction projects
  • Construction Inspection and Construction Management Services
  • Document field records and Photo logs of various stages of construction
  • Roadway and Intersection Designs and Improvements
  • Utility Conflict Identification and Mitigation/Coordination with Utility Firms
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic and Construction Staging Design
  • Signage, Striping, and Intersection Improvements
TechniQuest. Quality, Commitment, Effort, Excellence.



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