Construction Inspection

TQC provides a wide range of construction inspection consulting services (CI) for roadways, bridges, and buildings.  Since 1995, TQC has managed a multitude of construction inspection projects in excess of $500 million.

Our staff members include Road Inspectors, Bridge Inspectors, and Building Construction Inspectors. We make it our mission to provide trained, certified, and a qualified team that have the expertise to assist our clients in the completion of their construction projects within timelines and allocated budgets.

We provide our CI services to both public and private clients for the construction of heavy highway, bridge, earth retaining structures, waste-water facilities, building facilities, commercial and residential developments in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Construction Management and Inspection:

  • On-site certified inspectors for all type of construction projects
  • Construction Inspection & Construction Management Services
  • Construction Monitoring & Special Inspections
  • Construction Support Services
  • Document field records & Photo logs of various stages of construction
  • Roadway and Intersection Designs and Improvements
  • Utility Conflict Identification and Mitigation/Coordination with Utility Firms

Project Specific Experience as Prime Consultant:

  • NJDOT, 2022BCM461, Route 9 Indian Head Road to Central Avenue / Hurley Avenue
  • NJDOT, 2022MES420, Drainage Restoration Contract, Statewide – 2020
  • NJDOT, 2022BCM416, Route 27, Dehart Place to Route 21
  • NJDOT, 2021BCM330, Route 70, Dakota Trail to Riverview Drive (CR 48)
  • NJDOT, 2021MES302, Maintenance Drainage Restoration Contract, Statewide-2019
  • NJDOT, 2021BCM355, ADA South, Contract 2, Routes 40, 49, 130
  • NJDOT, 2020BCM262, Route 78, Bridges over Route 202/206 and Washington Valley Road
  • NJDOT, 2019BCM220, Route 322 and County Route 551 (Kings Highway)
  • NJDOT, Route 1&9 Local & Express, Newark
  • NJDOT, N-206 Maintenance Roadway Repair Contract North, Sub-Region N-2
  • NJDOT, Drawbridge Preventive Maintenance Contract 2015-1


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