Field Inventories & Compliance Reviews

TQC is experience in the completion of Field Inventories and Compliance Reviews for signs, striping, pavement markings, signals, and other traffic engineering installations. The TQC engineering and data collection teams have experience in completing MUTCD Field Inventories and Compliance Reviews throughout the State of New Jersey on various projects and at several of the PANYNJ facilities. This experience includes performing reviews of the physical condition of existing infrastructure, assessing the context of traffic engineering elements, and determining compliance with the most current standards of the MUTCD and/or associated agency.

TQC also offers in depth experience in performing field inspections, inventories, and data collection projects via GIS technologies.  The TQC team is experienced in utilizing ESRI/ArcGIS Online platforms and accompanying mobile applications/devices to manage and perform data collection projects. TQC has utilized GIS Data Collection methods to complete County sign inventories, document infrastructure/assets within PANYNJ facilities, and conduct transit service studies/surveys. TQC has supported Sign Inventory Projects for the Counties of Hudson and Gloucester in New Jersey and performed assessments of existing, damaged, and newly installed signs for the PANYNJ.  This work included the identification, location, and condition assessment of existing regulatory and warning signs for compliance with MUTCD; as well as the development of improvements to meet MUTCD/PANYNJ compliance.

Project Specific Experience: TQC project specific experience for Hudson County (NJ) includes supporting our prime consulting team in a Field Inventory and Compliance Review for the County Traffic Safety Management System. The project involved the inventory of 15,000 warning, regulatory and guide signs and over 300 traffic signals and populating the database software. The inventory work included collecting sign and panel data related to the MUTCD sign designation, retro-reflectivity and sheeting type, GPS and roadway location, dimensions, sign type and material, support type and material, and other pertinent sign and signal information. TQC supported this effort by providing support in field inventory and field reviews of assets.


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