Traffic Engineering Studies & Reports

TQC has experience performing a wide variety of traffic engineering data collection and engineering studies for public sector clients throughout the States of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. TQCs traffic engineering experience includes the collection of data, engineering analysis and reporting to support the following types of studies.

  • Parking Studies
  • Truck Traffic Evaluation
  • Intersection Safety Study
  • Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Safety Studies
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Multi-Way Stop Analysis
  • Intersection Queueing
  • Signal Timing & Phasing
  • Crash Records & Analysis
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Studies
  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Traffic Calming Measures
  • Transit Service & Demand

TQC experience conducting traffic impact studies includes both large and small developments which include commercial and residential land uses, institutional (school) land uses, and many other combinations of mixed land use developments. TQC approach for traffic impact studies includes reviewing the validity of historical data prior to the collection of current traffic volume data within the study area. The current traffic data will be combined with traffic volumes projected to be generated by proposed new adjacent land uses and the traffic volumes projected to be generated. Analysis is conducted under current and projected traffic conditions to determine impacts. Results of the analysis are collected and compiled to present findings and if required, identify solutions to reduce or mitigate the impact in the form of roadway and/or traffic control modifications.


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