TQC has provided traffic data collection services to identify current traffic flow information at more than two thousand locations.

These services include the ability to collect specific information within a twenty-four hour period for traffic counts, vehicle classification counts, vehicle speed counts and intersection turning movement counts.

TQC utilizes the latest electronic equipment available to collect traffic data as accurately as possible. The data is used to complete traffic studies including traffic impact studies, operational analysis studies, classification studies, travel time and delay studies, vehicle gap studies and license plate studies.

TQC has in place the proven processes, methods, and expertise required to assist traffic monitoring and transportation planning agencies in the development of an extremely beneficial and cost-effective traffic data collection and reporting program. Our traffic monitoring services includes:

  • Traffic monitoring site design and installation quality assurance
  • Traffic data program development services
  • Traffic data collection, QAQC and analysis services

TQC specializing in innovative contracting methods to support DOT traffic monitoring programs. Efficient, accurate transportation monitoring makes a bottom line difference for federal, state and local governments, commercial developers and engineering firms. That’s why government agencies and engineering firms across the country depend on high quality traffic data from TQC. We combine nationally-recognized transportation management experts with best-of-breed technical solutions to achieve your goals.


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