Signal & Electrical Design

TQC staff is familiar with the traffic signal and electrical design requirements of the MUTCD, NJDOT, PANYNJ and other Municipal/County Clients of New Jersey. TQC engineering design staff experience includes preparing signal and electrical designs for new traffic signal installations, upgrading existing intersections, and integrating new signals into an existing or proposed traffic signal system.

TQC staff has experience in the field review/as-built update of existing traffic signals. TQC staff has worked with clients on the verification of above ground and underground facilities. TQC staff has completed field reviews which include review of traffic signal junction boxes and traffic signal control cabinets to assess existing facilities. TQC staff understands as-built reviews also require review of signal head position, placement, mounting height and lens characteristics to determine compliance with current standards.

TQC works with our clients to implement the necessary improvements to traffic signals. Typical improvements to traffic signals include optimizing signal head and pole placement, installation of 12” LED Signal Heads for each approach lane, installation of Pedestrian Countdown Signal Heads, and implementation of ADA compliant tactile Pushbuttons. TQC will emphasize pedestrian safety and implement supplemental pedestrian safety improvements such as high-visibility crosswalks, flashing beacons (RRFBs) and Overhead HAWK Pedestrian Signals.

More advanced or innovative improvements to signal operations, controller capabilities and ITS integration will always be considered. TQC is also familiar with the latest signal technologies and innovative applications capable of improving operations, multi-modal accommodations, and safety. The TQC Team possess experience with signal operations, controllers, and software. TQC has specified and worked with NEMA controller systems, 170 controller systems, and is familiar with the new National Transportation Communications for IT Software Protocol (NTCIP).


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